The Ineffective Nature of American Politicians

American Politicians

American politics has taken a whole different turn as things have gotten out of hand on several occasions. The people of America have been puzzled at various circumstances by not knowing how to react or by having the slightest clue about all that is going on. While some of these reactions are genuine, the general public, up to a certain extent, is responsible for all that is going on. But how did things get to here, and what defines the nature of ineffectiveness for American politics? Well, let’s go ahead and find out.

The Beginning of the Trump Era

America under Trump has turned out to be a term that we don’t want to describe. The different policies and the manner in which our President managed Covid-19 was not something anyone expected. With his continuous refusal to accept the election results, the Trump administration has been ineffective and, moreover, chaotic. Right from the start, there was confusion in the air because nobody viewed him as a political figure. He kept jogging several trends that claimed he is a Republican and claimed he is not a Republican.

The Paul Ryan Story

The best description of ineffectiveness tends to be complete when you look at the resignation of Paul Ryan. After being unable to pass a budget, Ryan resigned, and the world was introduced to a chaotic set of events. The House went through two more speakers and one ‘acting’ speaker, which was not considered effective. Moreover, even the Defense Department was not authorized, and it continued to add fuel to the fire. Due to all that, a national debt, market collapse, and economic downturn were all a part of the picture.

Renegade Politics

If you take a quick look at the Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, and Trump situation, you will get an idea of how renegade politics is at the forefront of everything. While it was more or less established that Trump would be a Republican, the position of Bernie Sanders remained clueless. During the run, Sanders was independent and later switched to Democratic affiliation when he had filed for the New Hampshire primary. This consent form of confusion and lack of clarity has not been something that everyone wants to explore.

Renegade Politics

It disrupts the order of events and brings in renegade politics. As a result, disintegration is a part of the process, and political parties have been funding the same. While the Biden-Harris administration is taking shape to lead America, we can only wait and watch to discover the outcome. Since the verdict of the people always wins, one would expect all their demands to be met and that America would get all that it deserves.

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